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Pet Odors & Urine Stains

Pet urine is a stinky issue and by cleaning only the top layer of the carpet, the odor could come back if the urine leaked through to the backing of the carpet or to the sub-floor.  S&A Cleaning is not responsible for cosmetic or structural damages that might result from pet urine treatment or removal. We cannot guarantee complete odor or stain removal. The only way to fully remove all pet urine odors from carpet is to replace the carpet and/or the sub-floor beneath.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Building owners spend a lot of money on carpets, upholstery and rugs, which is why they choose S&A Cleaning to keep there space looking clean and protect their investment. For larger areas, we like to use the Encapsulation method due to extremely fast dry times which is good for business’s that operate around the clock.

Carpet Protection

After cleaning your carpets, we can apply a protectant which helps keep your carpets free of dirt and debris and also looking clean longer.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service will include a visual pre-inspection, vacuuming dry soil if necessary, and pre-spraying the carpet to help loosen any trapped soil, followed by hot water extraction which is recommended by most carpet manufactures. Many manufacturer warranties also require regular cleaning using hot water extraction.

Education Facilities

Education facilities require a little more attention when it comes to cleaning. Hiring an outside company provides higher quality and service.

Healthcare Facilities

Medical facilities have big responsibilities including keeping patients satisfied. Allow S&A Cleaning to help you keep your facility clean and safe.

How long before my carpets and dry to walk on?

Our van mounted vacuum system is very powerful and extracts 95% of the moisture from your carpets and will still be slightly moist. It’s ok to walk on the carpet but is best to wait 2-3 hours until mostly dry. To speed up the dry time, turn on the air conditioning, fans, or have the windows open.

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